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  • Our dedicated team of consultants only use “white hat” tactics and Google-friendly methods to get you the best results
  • We are fully bi-lingual SEO experts, fluent in English & Spanish!

“White hat” services from Miami’s Top SEO Consultants

Our in-house SEO experts find, assess and correct all technical errors.


Search engines can’t see like you and I can — they see technical elements like HTML code, values, hierarchies and more. It’s crucial to ensure the quality of your website is impeccable in order to rank higher in search engines. Our team performs an easy-to-understand technical audit detailing all the errors in your website’s build. Then, our team of Miami based SEO consultants will dive in and wipe out all these errors, saving you time, headaches and money from working with another Miami SEO agency.

Our SEO consultants find the “right” keywords for targeting.


Finding keywords to target with quality searcher intent is no feasible task. Keywords are specific search terms people use to find your website online. Keyword research is a critical step in ensuring your website is positioned properly to capture and convert quality traffic into customers. We dig deep into audience demographics, competitors, searcher behavior and a whole load of other factors to better optimize your website around keywords that will not only drive your rankings up, but sales and leads as well.

We research, write and publish only the highest quality content.


All content published on your website should speak volumes of your brand. I’m sure you’ve heard it many times before — “content is king”. While this may be true, it’s more appropriate to say “QUALITY content is king”. The reason why we believe in this statement is because the Internet is so saturated with “content”,  that the only way to break through all the white noise is by creating content that drives value for your audience. After all, there are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day. How can you compete with that? With our in house writers and creatives that will create high quality content that your audience will love.

We are the top reviewed SEO agency in Miami


Our #1 priority is client satisfaction — all of our reviews are Google verified and coming from various South Florida businesses that we’ve helped to get more organic traffic, leads and sales through our advanced marketing efforts and strategies.

Verified Client Reviews

“Luis was super professional and super reactive to my emails and calls, it becomes more difficult to find people like him in that field, people that you hire for their services and deliver professionalism to the end with immediate results. Way to go Luis and the Stealth team. Keep it up.”

Desmond White

Verified Client Reviews

“Luis has helped us establish new marketing strategies and SEO systems and processes from the ground up. Always quick to respond to emails and calls. They’ll always make sure you’re well taken care of and happy with their services. Highly recommend for SEO and PPC work.”

David Schmee

Verified Client Reviews

“This team knows their stuff! If you need a highly qualified online marketing team in Miami this is the team for your business. If you need more clients call them today. I recommend you ask for Luis as soon as you get on the phone! Tell him Kemari sent you.”

Kemari Thompson

Why use our Miami SEO services?


There’s too many factors that go into ranking a website in Google — trying to manage them all can be an internal nightmare. We’re able to deliver the highest quality SEO services for our clients because we have a tested and proven process allowing us to achieve amazing results.

Creative, out-of-the-box thinkers.

We’re one of the few local SEO agencies with the ability to think outside of the box. Our technical savvy team has developed dozens of tools and technology that have helped us become more efficient and give our clients a proprietary edge over their competitors.

We’re pretty good at fixing your mistakes.

Sure, your website may look good on the front-end but how does it look on the back-end? You’ve gotta consider duplicate meta descriptions, content issues, missing title tags, slow page load speed, and a whole bunch of other factors that would make you yawn if someone were to explain them to you.


We’re talking to you Miami! We focus on our Miami home to help local businesses get more exposure with local SEO services. You have one of the best agencies in your backyard — let’s chat.

We’re obsessed passionate

about analytics.

It’s hard finding a trustworthy agency in South Florida — we’ve been in business for nearly 5 years because of our ability and determination to consistently deliver the promises we make to each of our clients. More traffic, more leads and more sales from organic search.


It’s even harder finding an agency that offers consistent monthly reporting like we do. Our clients all across Miami love us because we send out progress and data reports on a consistent basis so they can track and monitor their investment with us. Trust us, we won’t ever ghost you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your pricing work?

We charge a flat monthly retainer for our SEO services. All of our retainers are based on the minimum number of hours required to optimize your website and other assets. Each campaign is treated differently. This generally depends on the level of competition in your industry and the current organic performance of your website.

Where is your office located?

Our offices are located in the heart of Coral Gables — stop by for a cup of coffee and let’s chat!

Will you build links for my website?

Absolutely. Link building is included in our SEO retainers, but is broken down as a separate line item for each billing cycle. You do NOT have to use us for link building, although it’s highly recommended for better results!

Do you only work with companies in Miami?

No, our headquarters is right here in Coral Gables (Miami) but our reach is global. There will always be a special place in our hearts for our city and our local SEO clients.

Do you offer content writing?

We don’t always write content, but we do work very closely with a pool of freelance writers and industry experts who know your business better than anyone else. We provide the strategy, keywords and guidance when needed.

Want a cup of coffee? Stop by our offices and let’s talk shop.

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