Rosada Couture

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Rosada Couture

We’ve recently welcomed Rosada Couture into the SMM family when they came to us with a vision and a dream of a one-of-a-kind women’s clothing boutique. We’ve helped them achieve that dream through weekly newsletters, social media curating, cunning photography, and impeccable targeting with Facebook Ads. Building an entire brand from the ground up is no easy task, but the results are very well worth it.

Rosada Couture


From start to finish, it has been an exciting adventure with Rosada Couture. We were originally tasked for logo development, but the quality of the results blew minds and led to a full-blown service package.

Now, Rosada Couture is a satisfied and long-term client of Stealth Media Marketing. Be Happy, Be Rosada!

Be Happy…Be Rosada!

We had to step out of our usual comfort zone for this project. We developed an e-commerce-based platform from the ground up. Equipped with an integrated payment system to make it simple and easy to accept payments online, while eliminating the hassle of setting up a third-party payment provider or having to share personal credentials with a merchant account.

This is how we roll

Creating beautiful designs is what comes natural to us. We utilize our creative minds to create brands meant to create smiles and establish an emotional connection with the consumer. By sticking to a simple, creative gift bag design we were able to establish a genuine relationship between Rosada Couture and the consumer meant to last forever. This is how we roll.

Passion for Fashion.

We’re proud to have the privilege to work with Rosada Couture creating a defining brand that will last for years to come showcasing our amazing works to the world through powerful social media presence and detailed newsletters.