a chic-styled online women’s clothing boutique based in miami, rosada couture is setting a new standard when it comes to staying ahead of the trends of fashion, as well as creating them. the stellar customer support, free worldwide shipping, and financing options are only a few of the qualities that make rosada couture one of miami’s best underground online boutiques.


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    services provided


    _name conceptualization
    _logo design & development
    _brand identity design & stationery
    _product/packaging design
    _copywriting/brand “voice”


    _website design & development
    _ux/ui planning & design
    _digital campaign management
    _newsletter design


    _social media management
    _brand campaigns
    _marketing development
    _product promotions


    _display advertising
    _media buying


    refreshing the brand

    our goal with rosada couture was clear and simple from the beginning — a brand that is absolutely organic, handmade and completely typographical. the visuals of the master graphic and brand applications are full of contrasts, vivid colors and geometric shapes that appeal to young millennials.


    sleek user experience

    our web team and ux/ui designers worked tirelessly to create a seamless user experience. beginning with revitalizing the entire site from the ground up, we made it a priority to make browsing through categories and products easier than ever before, in order to keep conversion rates up and abandoned checkouts down.


    check out the site

    designing the logo

    Transmitting the brand’s luxurious, sophisticated identity through exceptional design and elegant branding.


    creating a strong presence on social media

    for our social media attack strategy, we wanted to target a certain type of demographic that not only loves wearing rosada couture, but wants to be a part of the lifestyle as well. we emphasized using attention-grabbing and aesthetically pleasing images to peak the audience’s interest, all while maintaining the brand’s identity.


    stepping out of our comfort zone

    we developed an e-commerce based platform from the ground up. equipped with an integrated payment system to make it simple and easy to accept payments online, while eliminating the hassle of setting up third-party payment providers or having to share personal information with third-party merchants.

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    branding, digital, events, marketing