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Do Links Even Matter For SEO?

We’ve been able to successfully acquire tens of thousands of links for our clients in the past few years, each of which is meticulously tracked. At the end of each quarter, we analyze our data to see if the links we’ve built have resulted in a traffic increase for our clients.

However, it is important to keep in mind that not all links are created equal—if they aren’t high quality links, they won’t have any effect.


To avoid poor link quality, our in-house team of link builders spend time building a strategy and prospect list, to ensure the links we secure for our clients are relevant, authoritative and will move the needle on your campaign.

Dive Into Our Link Building Process.

Link Building Strategy

Before beginning our outreach process, your dedicated link builder designs an acquisition strategy to pave a clear path through your campaign. This strategy includes a competitive link analysis, existing link audit of your site and a plan on how we will use our proven outreach strategies to secure links.

Finding The Right Opportunities

Our team is trained to find every attainable opportunity for your campaign. We are masters of advanced search operators and website quality inspections. We put together a list of thousands of sites to do outreach and acquire link placements for your target pages.

Personalized Email Pitches

Getting featured on top sites isn’t overly complicated—you just need to come to the table with the right value proposition. We’ve crafted and tested dozens of different email pitches—meticulously testing all of them until we find the one that performs the best. Sometimes it’s a guest post, sometimes it’s a resource page, or a sponsorship—whatever is needed.

Ongoing Reporting & Updates

Each month you will receive a detailed report of all links we’ve acquired for your website throughout the life of your campaign. Not only will you see live links so you can review them for yourself, but we also include quality metrics like Domain Rating, traffic estimates and anchor text.

Here Are A Few Of The Link Types We Target

Links are essential for every SEO campaign. Each agency has their own method for generating or building links. We’re very transparent on how we acquire links for our clients, see for yourself!

Resource Pages

We scrape your competitor’s backlink profile to reverse engineer what is currently working for them. Then, we replicate it, and expand on it to make it as efficient as ever.

Blogger Outreach

High quality, niche relevant blogging websites with contextual link placements.

Unlinked Mentions

We carefully monitor your brand in realtime for any unlinked brand mentions and contact the author of any relevant posts to add in a link to your site.




Top-Reviewed Agency

Our agency has over 20 verified reviews from past and current clients. Not only are we dedicated to our clients, but we also pride ourselves in building long-lasting relationships with everyone we work with.


Total Transparency

We have no secrets. From beginning to end of your campaign, you can rest assured that you will always remain informed on the progress and outcome of your campaign with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you charge for links?

We operate on a pay-per-link basis. When paying per link, the average cost per link can range from $150 – $450+. Our pay-per-link model includes the cost of our time for strategy, auditing, prospecting and manual outreach. Each month we deliver to you a list of all placements that have gone live as a result of our efforts. To put it simply, pay-per-link is more hands off and cost-effective than hourly-based link building.

How do you qualify link prospects?

We have a set of guidelines we refer to during the prospecting process. We look at Domain Rating (DR), Domain Authority (DA), SEMrush and Ahrefs traffic estimates, SEMrush keywords ranking and much more. We also run a deep topical audit to ensure the sites we work with are authentic, updated on a regular basis and are topically relevant to your industry.

How many links do you build per month?

Typically, we recommend building a minimum of 8 links per month. Depending on your niche, we can build up to 75 links per month for enterprise accounts.

How long does link building take?

The first 60 days of your campaign are used for strategy and prospecting. At the end of the second month of your campaign, you will start seeing your first links. It usually takes a full 60 days to build your first links.

Do you purchase links?

Sometimes. We strongly believe in being transparent, we hide nothing from our clients. The fact of the matter is, some sites will ask for a publishing, advertising or content fee. If we believe it is a good opportunity for you, we have no issue presenting these opportunities to you and give you our guidance on which we feel are best suited for your website. We DO NOT purchase links on private networks, PBNs or websites that do not meet our strict quality guidelines.

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